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The Athens, Zaleski & Lake Hope Lizard Map features public lands, preserves, state parks, national forests, lakes and trails, printed on waterproof paper, to guide people in exploring the best recreation that the Athens, Nelsonville, Lake Hope and Zaleski region has to offer.

  • The maps are big - 24 x 36 inches
  • Beautifully designed and easy to read
  • Highly detailed with contour lines, shaded relief & hydrography
  • Local roads and place names.

Something special about this map is that it includes all of the trails to the Iron Furnace Trail Run and Thunderbunny 50K, 25K, 12K, two races hosted by local group Southeastern Ohio Trail Runners (SEOTR)

What's on the map? Athens, of course, and Ohio University. The entire Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, all 18 miles of it from Athens to Nelsonville. Plus the Hockhocking Rver that runs alongside it. A big chunk of Wayne National Forest, all of Lake Hope and Strouds Run State Park with their extensive mountain bike, equestrian and backpacking trail systems. And Moonville, we couldn't forget about Moonville! Plus every backroad, byway and highway that connects all these great places together.  The Zaleski State Forest Backpacking Trail is featured on the map and is among the most popular backpack trails in the state.

If you've never been to the Athens, Ohio region you are missing out on some fantastic trails that is great for:  Trail runners | Hikers | Mountain bikers | Road bikers | Gravel riders | Equestrians

A quote from an article in Dirt Rag:  While I don’t want to overstate this, these [Athens] trails are truly outstanding on many levels.  Their layout and construction are top notch, and they traverse a landscape studded with beautiful cliffs, coves, and rock formations.  There are high ridges, deep ravines, and impressive lake and valley views.  The singletrack is fast and flowing and at times rocky and tricky-technical.  You will never be bored there.