SNB Anti-Chafe tube 4 oz.

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Protect areas of skin prone to chafing and blisters with the world's best all-natural, anti-chafe salve. Coconut oil and cocoa butter create a slick, lasting barrier on the surface of your skin to prevent rubbing and irritation. Beeswax makes the slick barrier effective and long-lasting as it holds the oil and butter in place to keep your skin moisturized and chafe-free. That's why the happiest squirrels butter their nuts!

Know This This product includes only natural ingredients. Product hardens in colder temperatures. The tub is best used in warmer temperatures. Use the stick in colder temperatures. Oil separation and irregular finish is natural.

Directions for Use Let the salve soften in the warmth of your hands, then apply. To prevent chafing and blisters, apply before activity directly to any skin prone to chafing or blisters, including underarms, thighs, crotch, nipples and feet, or under your bra or pack straps. Re-apply as needed. To improve skin health, apply liberally to dry, cracked or irritated skin. 


  • Superior anti-chafe, anti-blister properties 
  • Weather resistant & long lasting
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Effective on eczema and other skin irritations
  • Also works extremely well to restore dry or cracked hands, feet and face

Customer Reviews

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Stains fabric

I’d give this a 5 because SNB definitively minimizes chafing. Giving it a 3 though because it does stain some fabrics as mentioned in the fine print on the container. May not be a big deal depending where you use it. I’ve got three shirts with stains on the front though that I can’t get out. Something to consider.

Turns cherry balks into happy ones

I hiked all that Steamboat had to offer , from the ZIRKLE circle to the CDT and had red nuts. Once I applied squirrel nut butter, I glided much easier through what the states had to offer. Needless to say, when I hit the trail meow, I grab a dollop of nut butter and rub it where it counts for glide free movement for at least 5-6 hours. God bless you!!!

amazing anti-chafe stuff!

I have been running long distance since long time ago, with some issues relate to blister in particular hot days or a lot water in the shoes, use to have generic products like vaseline, etc none of them with 100% of positive results, after use a small sample from SNB, I found the holy grail ! superb performance, no blisters, no bad or cracks in the skin.
Recently I used on a very hard and with a lot of water crossing trail run race, my toes stay blister free !

Saved My Neck!

I stopped by the Squirrels Nut Butter stand at a recent Ironman 70.3 and picked up a sample to use on the swim. I’ve never completed the 1.2 mile swim without badly chaffing my neck . . . until this one!!!

Good enough to stop a Sweaty Yeti from chaffing

I've tried vaseline, TriGlide, suncream, and everything else short of 40W60 engine oil... Squirrels is by far the best anti-chafe I've ever used.

I just completed the Fat Dog 120 in 40hrs with no chaffing, and with only one re-application of Squirrels.