Salomon Summer Logo Cap

Salomon Summer Logo Cap

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Breathable trucker cap with S logo.

With its cool prints and outdoor-inspired logos, the trucker-style SUMMER LOGO CAP exudes fun.

A generous visor shields your eyes from the sun, so no squinting necessary.


Ventilation:Open mesh construction keeps the breeze moving around your head on a hot day.

Classic style:The enduring appeal of a trucker cap with a Salomon twist.

Adjustable:Adjust this cap to fit your head just right.


Integrated sweatband.


Open structured fabric allows more air ventilation.

Integrated sweatband.

A soft, absorbent band Inside the cap keeps sweat out of your eyes.

Seasonal graphics.

All-overs, prints and graphics that were developed for current seasons, matching color story and design influences from this season.