M Altra Superior 5
M Altra Superior 5

M Altra Superior 5

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The Altra Running Men's Superior 5 is a lightweight, responsive trail running shoe that even includes a removable StoneGuard rock plate to provide protection and versatility for varying terrain. It does all that at an average weight of less than 18 ounces per pair!

As with all Altra Running models the shoe has a roomy, ergonomic toe box that differs greatly from the aggressive taper of traditional running shoes. This design lets your big toe remain in a straight position while allowing your other toes to spread naturally. This broader cut reduces the risk of bunions hammer toes and plantar fasciitis. The shoe also utilizes a "balanced cushioning" platform (height of the heel and the forefront are the same) that encourages a natural stride rather than elevating the heel or manipulating foot position. This is meant to promote better alignment and a more natural posture while on the move which in turn lessens impact.

The shoe's synthetic upper balances durability and breathability while comfortably and effectively locking your foot in place for a performance fit. An integrated GaiterTrap allows for the easy attachment of Altra gaiters (sold separately). The shoe's Quantic midsole comfortably cushions your foot. Keep the StoneGuard in for challenging terrain that could otherwise bruise or cause underfoot discomfort or remove it entirely to shed weight when conditions do not require bolstered protection.

The shoe has a stack height of 21 mm. The durable MaxTrac rubber outsole delivers excellent traction on a wide array of surfaces and integrated multi-directional lugs dig into soft terrain.

Source: Enwild